Poetry and Pie was started by my cousin Susan. It is fair to say I never knew a life without Susan in it. Until now. She was born in November 1956 and I followed in July 1957, joining a tight family community. She was named after my mother. And she was taken from this world, after a ten year fight with breast cancer, on January 8, 2017.

Susan loved to travel and lived life like a tourist, full of questions and always ready for the next adventure. She loved summers at Torch Lake in Michigan, where with a young friend, Madison, she shared her love of poetry and pie one summer evening along the shore. And a summer tradition was born.

She taught me to see life in poetry and verse and to live, line by line. And to always enjoy, like her father and our grandfather, a great piece of pie after dinner. Or anytime.

Poetry and Pie is dedicated to the love art of written expression and the love art of sweet and savory, to all things poetry and pie, and to Susan.

Join me in making poetry and pie a part of your day!

She left us with the sunrise,

The sun not setting on her life,

As much as a gathering up of her brilliance,

Lifted to the heavens.

Gone from us, but shining down.

As if to say

I will be here in your every day.