Happy New Year! It’s June (not October)

No, it’s not October, but unbelievably it is mid-June! A little testing hiccup recently re-sent subscribers a posting from October. Thanks to those of you who noticed! Incentive enough for me to write my Happy New Year message!

What?? But it’s June!

And I say Wabi Sabi.

I have Sheri Salata and Nancy Hala of the This is Fifty podcast to thank for my introduction to wabi sabi through their interview last fall of Arielle Ford, author of Wabi Sabi Love

Wabi sabi is a Japanese aesthetic, a world view, if you will, of the acceptance of imperfection; the Japanese art of appreciating the beauty in the naturally imperfect world. To live a wabi sabi life is to honor the cracks and the broken bits and the beauty in the imperfect.  Nothing is perfect. Celebrate beauty in what’s natural, flaws and all. Even ourselves.

Arielle Ford says “in the cracks is where the magic is.”

I like this lens of a wabi sabi life and have been thinking about my experiences over the past year.

In October 2017, I had the enormous good fortune to visit Kate McDermott, author of Art of the Pie(c) at her home, Pie Cottage. I was nervous. REALLY nervous. I have gained some confidence in my poetry over the past year, but pie?  And I was going to visit the queen of the kingdom of pie. What if she saw through my pie bravado?  NO worries there because I confessed immediately. Kate doesn’t see herself or pie that way.

What I think I learned was wabi sabi pie.

Brene Brown may have taught us all about the gifts of imperfection. Kate McDermott teaches us to embrace the imperfection of pie!

If you follow pie at all these days, you have noticed that pie has made a resurgence and there are bakers that are pushing the artistic boundaries and making pies almost to pretty to eat! Kate guides her students to dive in with inexperienced hands and feel the dough and to put love and good intentions into the process while you are at it.  A crack rolling out the crust? No worries! Fold and roll. In the cracks is where the magic is !

More poignantly, I have a friend who is battling cancer and in that profound way that people facing a health crisis can say, has reminded me that ‘life is precious. Don’t waste a drop.’


And like Anne Lamott would say, Don’t let stupid things like the jiggly bits keep you from jumping in the pool!

In the cracks is where the magic is-embrace it all. I hope you’ll join me in appreciating this wabi sabi view of life.

Happy New Year.

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